miercuri, 26 iunie 2013

ImVehlm for GTA:SA & SA:MP

ImVehlm or Improved Vehicle Ligths mod, is simply a mod that improves your lights and makes them closer to reality. This mod is available on Single Player and works on SA:MP too. 

Added stuff: 

  • C+1 for the inside camera;
  • C+2 for moving the inside camera;
  • C+3 for resting your char's elbow on the window;
  • Z for left blinker;
  • X for hazard lights;
  • C for right blinker;
  • J for the fog lights;
  • G for the high/low beam;
  • Shift to turn off the blinkers.

How to install:

Get the archive
Extract all the archive in GTA:SA root folder
Go to models on your GTA:SA folder and copy the VEHICLE folder to the GENERIC folder.

Enjoy ! 

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