vineri, 22 iulie 2016

luni, 14 decembrie 2015

New member in #E46Gang

As the title says, with help from my friend Misterio we managed to get my BMW E46 Facelift done. I've seen 1 or two for GTA but they are pretty rare. There are still a bunch of stuf to do / fix but i'm happy with the result so far. Follow me for more information ! Oh, i forgot. Some new stuff in the download section ! Enjoy !

luni, 7 decembrie 2015

Long story short. Got my BMW 320D Back, swapped the engine to a 1000HP Toyota Bi-Turbo. I left Power Garage and made my own bussines " Bavarian Motorsport ". Bought an M3 Cabrio and with my friend Misterio was kind enough to help me with a custom hardtop for it. I'll be back with more updates on the car and check out the download page, I've got some cool stuff for you my friends !
Stay tuned !

marți, 17 februarie 2015

Power Garage & Some news

Hi, after a long time i decided to restart my blog and also i'm going to reopen ' Custom Magazine ' in a brand new, better, and awesome version. As you can see below this is Power Garage. I made it for tuning cars in it but i decided to put some work and now i'm back to the drawing board.

Here are some pics of Power Garage before the re-design.